Some Major Farrier Tools That You Should Always Have

 If you are farrier or horse owner, then you must have a tool kit that includes all the required tools that can be used in taking a good care hoof of horses. When you have the right type of tools, the task becomes a lot easier, and you will save a lot of time. There was a time when farriers were used to crafting their own tools y forging. But nowadays you can buy all the farrier tools online which made of high-quality materials and come at reasonable prices.

It is true that the work of a farrier is quite difficult, and it can take a lot of time to understand the process to trim and replace shoes of a hoof. A little mistake injured your horse. However, with the perfect level of skills and tools, you can take care of your hours. Here are some major tools that you should use.

Horse Hoof testers

Speaking about hoof tester, it is designed to identify the actual source of pain by examining the hooves. Using the tool, you can apply pressure at certain areas to identify the affected area. This is wieldy used to examine abscess and to carry out the lameness exam. Be careful while using this tool for your sensitive horse as you may get a false positive reading.

Farrier rasp

This tool can be used for multiple purposes. For example, you can use the rasp as a nail file and can be used to keep the hooves in level. Carefully use it t rasp down or trim the extra hoof or nails and round the hoof’s edges. There are also riders’ rasps which are designed for horse owners to trim the sharp hoof edges.

Horse knife

One of the important farrier tools is the knife which is used to remove excess sole as well as a frog from the horse feet. You should buy a right or left-handed farrier’s knife. So that you can utilize the appropriate hand considering which side of the horse’s hooves you are working on.


To correct the hoof wall length and to trim down the excessive sole, you will need a hoof nipper. Besides, it also lowers the requirement of extra rasping work. Furthermore, nippers are also effective for trimming the horse hoof frog. The nippers may look similar to pullers, but the pullers come with a straight handle.

Shoe pullers

As the name suggests, you can use it to pull out the horseshoe. Before that, you need to remove the nails using a clinching block. Otherwise, it can damage hooves. You need to have patience while pulling out the shoes. Gradually loosen the shoes from nails working on both sides. When not used properly, the pullers can affect the sensitive sole causing pain.

Horse nail clincher

It is generally used to fold the nails applied on horseshoes to attach the shoes on the hoof properly. You should buy on ball-like and one alligator-like head clincher.

No matter what you need, whether it is a clincher, puller or a hoof tester, you can buy all farrier tools online at affordable price. Get them now, and keep your horse hoof healthy.

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