Punjabi Clutches Have A Distinctive Charm Of Its Own

 Clutches styled in the traditional Punjabi theme are getting rave reviews by not only women hailing from Punjab, but women of other cultures and demographics. Today you’ll find a host of distinguishable, intricately woven cloth clutches, with an especial Punjabi touch, which you can match with your attire to help accentuate your look. 

Unique Styling and Detailing of Punjabi Clutches

If you have already seen these classy accessories in a typical Punjabi clutches store, you know that these pieces are designed by local Indian artisans, who add their unique sensibilities to create magic. As for the styling and detailing it tends, to vary with a specific designer, however, the high-end Punjabi clutches often feature semiprecious stones, which are set by hand. 

But, to complement the stones a riot of different colors and shapes are used to make the clutches opulent in look and finish. However, what really separates the Punjabi designer clutches, is extensive use of intricate patterns and traditional detailing.  

Punjabi Clutches Complete A Woman’s Look 

Since every woman has her personal taste when it comes to fashion and clutches provide for an extra ‘it’ factor, without any doubt the right choice of cloth, hand-designed Punjabi clutches is able to make her day complete. These items have become most sought-after and so a woman, with a great taste to fashion won’t be, able to look complete if she doesn’t carry designer clutches with a Punjabi theme. 

Choosing the Right Punjabi Clutches

Apart from providing happiness to a woman who owns it, Punjabi clutches are commonly bought to be given as gifts to a girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, or best friend. It can get dicey when it comes to choosing the right item, sold in a Punjabi clutches store. So, remember the following points to help choose the right clutch for your self or someone you love.

When checking up traditional clutches, look for items that serve the purpose you are buying one. Moreover, always remember to choose a Punjabi clutch which not only looks gaudy but, is functional as well and can hold minimal essentials you need to carry with you, like makeup, lipstick, keys, credit cards, mobile phone, etc., 

Also, emphasize on the detailing of the clutches, opt for woven fabrics in groovy colors that are in vogue these days. Else, look for less traditional textures with patchworks, tie-dye effects, beads, or jewel.


In recent time, the Punjabi clutches are being bought more and more by girls and women equally. They have turned into a critical part of the bridal ensemble. They are a great gift for bridesmaids too and can match with their wedding day dresses so, they could use it for the big day! Overall, Punjabi Clutches are the most popular accessory for prom parties and cocktail evenings.

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